MER analysis

MER Localization in LEAD-DBS

To enter the MER viewer, click on the button shown below located in the toolbar of the Lead-DBS 3D viewer:

Load MER Localizer

Clicking the MER icon in the 3D viewer toolbar will give you a reconstruction of the MER locations based on the lead localization, and a new MER Control GUI.

  1. Choose the implanted tract from the dropdown menu nearRightorLeft

  2. Toggle the implanted tracks on and offCentral, Anterior, Posterior, Lateral, Medial.

  3. Change the location of the MER site by:

    • Entering the position in the edit box


    • Using the arrow keys to change the position along the track

      • Hold


        to increase step size.

      • Hold


        to decrease step size. - note: Choose a toggle button for the electrode of interest.

  4. Mark a recording site using keyboard shortcuts. Reserved keys:

    • spacebar = "generic"

    • m = "MER"

    • l = "LFP"

    • t = "Top"

    • b = "Bottom"

  5. Use theexport markersbutton in the MER Control GUI to save markers as a.matfile.