In case you are planning a project with high computational demands, our group has access to the HPC clusters of the Berlin Institute of Health. To gain access, check out the BIH HPC Docs on Getting Access.

The first step would be filling out the form below and send it to Ningfei.

## User 1

- cluster: HPC 4 Research
- first name: XX
- last name: XX
- affiliation: Charite, Department of Neurology
- institute email:
- institute phone: #
- user has account with
    - [ ] BIH
    - [X] Charite
    - [ ] MDC
- Charite user name: XX
- duration of cluster access (max 1 year): 2020-03-30 to 2021-03-30

Upon approval, you will receive an email with an introduction. Whenever you have problems/questions, you can check out the BIH HPC Docs. There is also a page on Getting Help.

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