Over the years, some of the methodological concepts we developed have gotten standardized namings. It would be optimal, to talk and write about them using the same nomenclature.

Standardized terms are formatted in code format

  • DBS Network Mapping

    • Brief description:

      • Seeding from DBS stimulation volumes using either functional or structural, either normative or patient-specific connectomes, we derive a

        • Connectivity Fingerprint

          • Synonym: Connectivity Profile

      • Across a group of patients, the Connectivity Fingerprints are correlated in voxel-wise fashion to derive an R-map model

    • Synonym: Connectivity Benefit Mapping

    • Key papers:

      • Horn et al. 2017 AoN (first introduced)

      • Al-Fatly et al. 2019 Brain

  • DBS Fiber Filtering

    • Synonym: Discriminative Fibertract Analysis

    • Synonym: Discriminative Fiber Tractography

    • Key papers:

      • Baldermann et al. 2019 BPS (first introduced)

      • Irmen et al. 2020 AoN (E-Field generalization first introduced)

      • Li et al. 2020 Nature Communications

  • DBS stimulation volume

    • Synonym / Subdefinition: Volume of Tissue Activated (VTA)

    • Subdefinition: Electric Field (E-Field)

  • Subcortical Electrophysiology Mapping

    • Brief description: Electrophysiological measures (e.g. beta power) are

    • Key papers:

      • Horn et al. 2017 Human Brain Mapping (first introduced)

      • Neumann & Horn et al. 2019 AoN

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