Before start

Suppose you already have access to BIH cluster, read the BIH HPC Docs and tried to log into the cluster successfully.

To be able to run applications with graphic user interface on the cluster, check in your terminal if echo $DISPLAY returns empty. If so, add this line export DISPLAY=:0 to the end of your shell rc file (.bashrc or .zshrc depending on which one you use).

For macOS, run brew install xquartz in your terminal to enable X11 forwarding.

Log into the cluster

ssh -Y

Log into a compute node

srun -I60 --pty --cpus-per-task=8 --mem=32G --part=medium --time=1-0 bash

Everything below should be done in a compute node.

ln -sfn /fast/work/groups/ag_horn group

mkdir -p $HOME/work/home/.cache
mkdir -p $HOME/work/home/.ccache
mkdir -p $HOME/work/home/.conda
mkdir -p $HOME/work/home/.config
mkdir -p $HOME/work/home/.local
mkdir -p $HOME/work/home/.singularity

ln -sfn $(realpath $HOME/work/home/.cache) $HOME/.cache
ln -sfn $(realpath $HOME/work/home/.ccache) $HOME/.ccache
ln -sfn $(realpath $HOME/work/home/.conda) $HOME/.conda
ln -sfn $(realpath $HOME/work/home/.config) $HOME/.config
ln -sfn $(realpath $HOME/work/home/.local) $HOME/.local
ln -sfn $(realpath $HOME/work/home/.singularity) $HOME/.singularity

Copy preset files

cp -rT $HOME/group/setup/config $HOME

Things included:

  • .bash_profile, .bashrc, .zshrc

  • .tmux.conf

  • .condarc

  • ys-cluster.zsh-theme

  • startup.m (MATLAB startup script)

Setup Miniforge

curl -L -O ""
sh -b -p $HOME/work/miniforge3

Install and configure zsh and .oh-my-zsh

mamba install zsh -y
ZSH="$HOME/work/home/.oh-my-zsh" sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"
mv $HOME/.zshrc.pre-oh-my-zsh $HOME/.zshrc
mv $HOME/ys-cluster.zsh-theme $HOME/work/home/.oh-my-zsh/custom/themes/

Initialize conda for bash and zsh

conda init bash zsh

Now open another terminal and try to log into the cluster

ssh -Y

If you see error during login, fix it in the terminal in which you already logged into the cluster.

If everything works, you should see that you are using zsh now. From now on, you can log into a compute node and start a interactive session using:

  • srun -I60 --x11 --pty --cpus-per-task=8 --mem=32G --part=medium --time=1-0 --nodelist=hpc-cpu-50 zsh

where --x11, --cpus-per-task, --mem and --nodelist are optional parameters. Check out BIH HPC Docs for details.

You can also check out the BIH HPC Docs on how to use GPU nodes (for example, run CUDA version of eddy from FSL). eddy available in $FSLDIR/bin uses CUDA 11 by default. OpenMPI version is also available via eddy_openmp.

Copy MATLAB Singularity image

mkdir -p $HOME/work/container
cp $HOME/group/setup/container/matlab-ossdbs.sif $HOME/work/container

Set up Lead-DBS

getspm -P $HOME/work/MATLAB/toolbox
unzip -d $HOME/work/MATLAB/toolbox $HOME/work/MATLAB/toolbox/
rm $HOME/work/MATLAB/toolbox/
git clone $HOME/work/MATLAB/toolbox/leaddbs
git -C $HOME/work/MATLAB/toolbox/leaddbs checkout develop
cp -r $HOME/group/setup/leaddbs_data/* $HOME/work/MATLAB/toolbox/leaddbs


Log into a compute node with X11 forwarding enabled (--x11)

  • actmatlab # This activates MATLAB on the compute node

  • runmatlab # This starts MATLAB without GUI

  • runmatlabx # This starts MATLAB with GUI

To add SPM12 and LeadDBS to MATLAB search path:


After you start LeadDBS, edit the preference file from the menu and set the two keys below: = [ea_gethome, 'group', filesep, 'connectomes', filesep]; = 1;

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