Electrophysiology setup

Electrophysiology setup to use the Lead-OR platform


  1. OpenEphys: The OpenEphys GUI (v >= 0.6.4) should be installed.

  2. Custom Plug-Ins: The following plug-ins should be installed to use the platform: OpenEphysIGTLink, OpenEphysLeadOR and OpenEphysRMS.

  3. Data source: the OpenEphysNeuroOmega plug-in (which requires the NeuroOmega SDK; Windows only) provides an interface to use the NeuroOmega device in real-time. To test the platform, example recordings can be downloaded from here, and streamed to OpenEphys via the built-in File Readed plug-in.

Custom plug-ins installation

The links above describe the different ways to install the plug-ins. Here, only the one via github cli is described. Install github cli and run the following commands to install the plug-ins:


gh release download --clobber --dir "C:\ProgramData\Open Ephys\plugins-api8" --pattern *.dll --repo netstim/OpenEphysNeuroOmega
gh release download --clobber --dir "C:\ProgramData\Open Ephys\shared-api8" --pattern *.dll --repo netstim/OpenEphysIGTLink
gh release download --clobber --dir "C:\ProgramData\Open Ephys\plugins-api8" --pattern *.dll --repo netstim/OpenEphysLeadOR
gh release download --clobber --dir "C:\ProgramData\Open Ephys\plugins-api8" --pattern *.dll --repo netstim/OpenEphysRMS


gh release download --clobber --dir ~/Library/Application\ Support/open-ephys/shared-api8 --pattern *.dylib --repo netstim/OpenEphysIGTLink;\
gh release download --clobber --dir ~/Library/Application\ Support/open-ephys/plugins-api8 --pattern *.bundle.zip --repo netstim/OpenEphysLeadOR;\
gh release download --clobber --dir ~/Library/Application\ Support/open-ephys/plugins-api8 --pattern *.bundle.zip --repo netstim/OpenEphysRMS;\
unzip -o ~/Library/Application\ Support/open-ephys/plugins-api8/*.bundle.zip -d ~/Library/Application\ Support/open-ephys/plugins-api8/

Building a processing pipeline

OpenEphys has a modular framework to create custom processing pipelines. Here, the default processing pipeline for Lead-OR is described. Although this example is done with example recordings, the File Reader plug-in can be replaced by the OpenEphysNeuroOmega plug-in for a novel real-time scenario.

  1. Open OpenEphys GUI

  2. Drag-and-drop the following plug-ins in order from the left Processors list to the Signal Chain and follow the instructions:

    1. File Reader

    2. Bandpass Filter

      • Click on Channels and select all.

      • Default 300 to 6000 bandpass should be ok.

    3. LFP Viewer

    4. Root Mean Square

      • Click on Channels and select all.

      • Set window_ms to 3000.

    5. Lead-OR

      • Click on Channels and select all.

      • Check feature and set feature_name to RMS

      • See next page for the following instructions.

See following screenshot for reference:

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