Imaging setup

Imaging setup to use the Lead-OR platform


  1. 3D Slicer: 3D Slicer (v >= 5.2.2) together with the SlicerNetstim, SlicerOpenIGTLink and SlicerIGT extensions should be installed.

  2. ORScene: An ORScene is a file that includes subject images, planning information and atlas-based segmentations ready to loaded into Slicer. It can be created from Lead-DBS and an example dataset is already included in the SlicerNetstim extension.

Loading sample ORScene

A sample ORScene is included to test the platform. To load it follow the next steps:

  1. Open Slicer.

  2. Switch to Sample Data module.

  3. Scroll down and select STN Planning.

See the following screenshots as reference:

Creating new ORScene

In order to create an ORScene follow the next steps:

  1. Process a subject in Lead-DBS with the co-registration and normalization steps.

  2. Place the surgical planning files under a leador subfolder within the subject folder.

  3. Load the subject in Lead-DBS and select Tools > Lead-OR > Create ORScene. Note that the selected atlas will be put into the scene as well.

  4. Drag and drop the ORScene.mrb file into Slicer.

See the following screenshots as reference.

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